Hi, I'm Ilja!

Hi, my name is Ilja Zaglov and I am a full-stack web developer. Together with my team I try to make the web a better place.

While I prefer to work on the back-end of things and to develop data-processing methods and automated processes, skilled people around me provide great design, brand- and marketing-concepts.

I don't know much about SEO and actually don't want to - but I'm really good in following well documented concepts.

I am working with latest web standards and specialize in PHP web development. My favourite systems and frameworks are WordPress, WooCommerce, the Symfony PHP Framework and MySQL as database server.

For front-end development I prefer to work with Sass (SCSS-Syntax) in combination with HTML5, jQuery and vue.js.

I'm fluent in German, English, Russian* and know how to order a Baguette in a french restaurant.

I don't always have time for new jobs, but if I do you can get in touch with me through the website of my Company IMBAA or follow me on instagram**. * speaking and reading only
** I don't really use instagram